I’m back!

For all the girls out there, I am back! I stopped for while, and I have a passion to do more posts know.

I was thinking of writing today about the devotional book I am going through, His Princess: Love Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This book really showed that God thinks about me and knows what I am going through. Here is what Sheri put on the back of the book..

It’s hard to look at our lives

and think of ourselves as royalty.

But the truth is, God is our King

and we are chosen by Him.

As your soul soaks in these

love letters from your King.

be affirmed of

who you are,

why you are here,

and how much you are loved.



Being happy doesn’t mean…

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections





What is this all about?

This whole blog is about telling people they are special. Unique. Significant. Precious. Original. One of a kind.

This blog is about giving hope, motivation, and love through God to people that just lack it, which is every human being on the planet.

I want to show people who have been bullied, abused, have had parents divorce, or just lacking self-esteem that they can heal. So, I hope you will read more! I will upload quotes, personal stories, and many other things onto this blog.

You are One of a Kind…No, Really!